Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What I have Learnt...Ohara

Ohara Benseman - Room 4

  • I have learnt that there are lots of different garden mixes available in the shops and they are good for all different things.
  • Worm juice is very good for the plants
  • When a plant dies all the nutrients break down into compost
  • All plants need light to grow
  • Organic compost is good for the veges and worm juice is good for the hydroponics.
  • Or sprout man grows very fast and seeds will grow through a wide weave
  • The garden vege mix is the best for veges only
  • Plants grow faster in the hot house and the hot-house needs to be a constant temperature.
  • I learnt so much that I went home and made a self raising garden and I planted a lot of strawberries.     (15 out of 25 pupils from Room 4 created their own gardens because of all they have learnt!!)

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