Monday, August 6, 2012

Rain, Rain GO AWAY

We are entering yet another wet week up here in the "Winterless North" and the temperature is not too tropical either! In between downpours the children have been managing to get out in the gardens to do some mulching but primarily we have been focussing on getting our seeds planted. Last week the children planted a heap of Koanga Heritage seedlings and they are nice and snuggly in our new greenhouse.

 Today they planted McGregor's Giant Sunflower seeds and they are happy in the Recycled Bottle Hothouse.

 Earlier last week in a break in the weather Anita and Sofia planted some flowers for our bees which happens to fit in with our garden plan (see below). Our local Bee Keeping Association kindly donated some Bee-Friendly plants to Opua School and we knew the perfect place for them! The chickens were very interested in what the girl's were up to and were trying to get the grubs and worms while they were digging!

Today it was Jeremy and Reuben's turn to get into the garden. They did a great job spreading out the                      TUI VEGETABLE MIX 
The garden has had two weeks of rest after the mustard seed and Lucerne was dug in and then the whole area was mulched so it is a perfect time to incorporate the vege mix. 
They also had a great (and messy) time getting more seeds into little pots. It is an idea that we sell spare seedlings to community members at our local markets, watch this space! 

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