Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Greenhouse!

Earlier in the year Mrs Young applied for a Northland Regional Council Environmental Curriculum Award Grant - phew! The council was very kind and awarded us some money to purchase a greenhouse! The team at HUNKIN GARDEN PRODUCTS were very helpful and provided us with a wonderful new greenhouse and shelving. One of the aims for this year is to increase the children's knowledge about propagating their own seeds. After summer's harvest the children saved seeds from various plants that we let go to seed for this very reason. We will also be looking into propagating native plants and trees!

As we do not have much land to play with it was decided to 'plant' the greenhouse on the east facing bank where it is warm and handy to water. Denny and Adrian dug the footing into the side of the hill and began the thoroughly enjoyable task of erecting the kit-set greenhouse. Only folk who have put together a kit-set (shed/furniture etc) before can genuinely understand what a joyous, delightful, calming and rewarding task this is. Actually, I think we were lucky it didn't end up being hiffed DOWN the hill several times.                             Well done boys!

The finished product - Lovely.