Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gargantuan Greenhouse Growth

The new greenhouse has been absolutely worth its weight in gold. 
We have had so much rain over the past few weeks it's a miracle that we haven't developed webbed feet!

On August the 6th we posted that we had planted our first lot of seeds and put them in the greenhouse. The children helped Denny with a DIY irrigation system which keeps the humidity just right for optimum growth and BOY has it worked a treat. 

The children visit the greenhouse everyday and water when necessary. In two short week we have seedlings that would make any plant-shop proud, WE sure are! The beans are so big and strong with a fantastic root system.

We asked the children what they think might have contributed to this wondrous growth 
*Heat - warmer inside the greenhouse than outside
*Moisture - the mist the irrigation system gives off is keeping the plants moist. We also notice condensation on the walls of the greenhouse which shows that there is a nice amount of heat in there.
*Potting Mix - The quality of the potting mix is very important and it seems that the TUI potting mix is full of the right nutrients for our seedlings.
*Care - We look after the seedlings everyday and make sure they are warm and wet, they are very spoilt.

The kids have been acclimatising the seedlings this week. In the morning they get placed outside to get used to the temperature difference and then put back in for the night. They will be ready to plant  mid week.

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