Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brand New Bottle Garden

We are always on the look out for new and interesting ways to recycle and utilize our tiny bit of land.

In the past we have made sculptures of a whale and jellyfish and last year we made a hot-house from bamboo and softdrink bottles which is still going strong. Mrs Young was inspired this time by a video on YouTube and here is the result-

Mrs Young took a couple of pupils to the local dump, sorry, Transfer Station, and collected some softdrink bottles. After washing them out the pupils cut the bottoms out of the bottles and then put potting mix & compost in them.

Mrs Young and Ohara (inside the chook house) then stacked and tied them to the chook house wall. There are 5 columns and it is 8 rows high. Each bottle fits into the one under it and because there are no lids the water flows from the top water feeder right down to the bottom.

Once the bottles are secured and the top layer is completed Mrs Young started cutting flaps in them and carefully placed seedlings in the new planter.

We have planted parsley and spring onions in it so far and we are going to plant other hers and lettuces -
A Salad on a Wall!! If all goes well this will be covered with lush, edible greenery in a few short weeks.

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