Friday, October 12, 2012

September 28

Our herb wall is doing marvellously well! It is evident that the bottles hold the warmth which has enabled these herbs to get a really good root system going! A number of local families donated different herb seedlings and we even planted spring onions in there as well. It will be a living salad - great for healthy sammies.

During the end of last term our fabulous teacher aide Julie offered to help a few of our pupils enter in the Parmco competition where they chose to cook a different dish each week for three weeks. The first dish was a plate of scrumptious Thai Fish Cakes with a light salad and and a tangy dressing.

The second week was an ever-so-delicious Marrakesh Chicken on Cous-Cous.

And the final week was a Perfect Pav!

In each of these dishes was an item or items from our garden, herbs mainly, and they used our                          chicken's eggs for the pavlova. 

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